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The most robust, white-labeled, social media engagement platform in the world!


Visually stunning, the Skylab platform adds state-of-the-art features along with elegantly merging many of today’s top social media features. Driven by our proprietary Gamification Engine, these features offer an incredible amount of versatility that is customizable through an admin CMS (Content management system). You can mold the platform to fit the needs of any community, big or small so you can meet your organization’s mission of driving deep, meaningful and sustained engagement.

Gamification Engine


Training (LMS)

Smart Chat

Smart Tags

Habit Tracking

Recognition Wall

Multimedia Channels

Onboarding Controls

Identity Tag Controls

Tag Based Content

Notification Center


Platform Settings

Basic Analytics

Clean, fast and thoroughly fleshed out to bring enterprise resources to the mobile space. Our platform can appify, gamify and transform your organization or brand into a native mobile app and desktop experience that is as addictive to your users as the hottest social media apps on the market today.

Premium Features

Looking to build something really unique? We have some premium features that will allow you to go even further in to the customization our platform to meet your needs. Add Badges, multiple unique user experiences, and even levels of custom admin access to your platform. Need more than that? Let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Multi Level Users


You are in control

Imagine being able to make changes to your app on the fly without ever needing to speak to a developer or resubmitting to the app store... Yep we've got that!

Here is what our clients are saying:

Great companies optimize their communities' engagement and growth with Skylab Apps. Gamify, Socialise and Engage your fans, clients, customers or employees with your own branded iOS + Android + Web platform.

Apolo Ohno


-Short Track Speed Skater and an eight time medalist in the Winter Olympics

“Skylab Apps technology gives me the platform to engage with my community through chat, trainings, and recognition all while giving my community a place that isn't bombarded with traditional social media noise.”          

Bill Harris

-Director of Centerpointe Research Institute

“Skylab Apps technology allows me to integrate all areas of my training in one easy to use platform. I can communicate and train my community without having to manage multiple platforms.”


 Alex Wong


-So you think you can dance all star 

“The dance app platform is filling a void the dance world has had for many years, by uniting all dancers in one place to learn about the industry from professionals. With easy and clear navigation within the app, dancers are able to complete industry ||homework assignments|| and learn from professionals by discovering and furthering their dance education.”

Michael Pine


-GM Integrated Partnerships at FanDuel

“Skylab's gamification allows major brands to laser target consumers, eliminate marketing clutter while building new incremental revenue streams. Most all of consumers feel they are unlocking rewards vs being advertised to.”

Desmond Richardson


-New York Times calls him, the Greatest Dancer the world has ever seen!

Skylab's innovative technology allows its client's the opportunity to discover effective possibilities to connect and communicate with their audiences worldwide. I finally feel I have a place worthy of my time and advice, to post to the dance world.

Dave Vanderveen


-Global Vice President and General Manager of XS at Amway

“Skylab Apps solves a big problem for XS in terms of how we leverage and maximize value from our digital and social media communications. Most importantly, we can gamify our business process and incentives which lets us help more entrepreneurs build successful businesses on our platform.”

Alex McCarthy


-CEO and Founder ofThe Spirit App

“Skylab has revolutionized the rapidly growing cheerleading industry by providing cheerleaders, coaches, and gym owners the best opportunity to train, learn, and develop their skillset as they strive to become world class athletes. By utilizing the Skylab platform, we are now able to use gamification to connect a global industry, and the result is extraordinary.”

Jeremy Wong


-Global entrepreneur and Investor

“The Skylab platform is like nothing I've ever seen before. As a person with an entrepreneurship background who has worked with multiple different industries, this platform is so powerful that it is able to cater specifically to almost any industry with just a little customization. As apps and mobile solutions become increasingly more important, Skylab Apps has positioned itself for success for many years to come.”

Jared Grimes



World Famous Tap Dancer

“Skylab is bringing substance back! Skylab allowed us to create a Dance App instantly, with the missing control social media did not provide. Finally we have a social network where experts and mentors can provide masterclasses and even track the actions we assign our students. This allows us to recognize and reward our dancers for their hard work and progress in real time."

Tony Chaplin 


-VP of Strategic Services with Success Partners

“This is a great platform to inform, motivate, incentivize, and educate customers or Distributors. It is a great tool to make the activities of building a business fun.”

Sharon Chen


-Regional Manager, Digital Solutions at Amway

“Skylab understands well how people interact and engage with each other in the digital age. The solution is very flexible to drive all types of engagement in your communities.”

Glen Ledwell


-CEO of Mind Movies

“The Skylab platform is without a doubt the most incredible app I've ever seen. It is the 'WordPress' of apps! The features are mind blowing yet incredibly simple to use. I can see that this will be the biggest needle-mover in anyone's online business.”

Robb Thompson


-Author and Televangelist

“Have you ever felt that something left you speechless? That was what happened to me the moment I stepped into the “Skylab Space”. I was more than blown away by the quality, and possibilities of this game changing Application… Its depth is unmatched and its flexibility Is without parallel… It is an entire education in a single “App”… This is a world changer… It is everything your world needs!”      

3 platforms, 1 cost, all native.

Our native mobile platform comes on iOS, Android and Web. Best part is when you make a change on the platform, all 3 versions are updated with out the need to re-submit to the app store in most cases.


Web App



Ready to launch your world?

We have incredible people ready to get to work on your project. Feel free to schedule a one on one demo with one of our incredible sales consultants!

You can also check out the Skylab App company platform by downloading our app on the Google Play or App Store

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