1. What does it cost to get started?

  • There’s a 1-time setup cost based on your needs. Contact us to learn more.

2. What are my monthly costs?

SKYLAB Server Hosting

Starting at $100 per month
Approx. $500 per additional 20k total users per month

SKYLAB Server Hosting

Starting at $1,200 per month.


    Kyle McCarthy

    Alex McCarthy

    Grace Sims

    Mitch Hunt


      Former Head of Innovation at WPP, the world’s largest ad agency group, now focused on generating ad revenue for your business.

      Developed media assets for News Corp., generating billions in sales, sourcing the latest innovation in crypto and payment solutions for you.

      3. How does this streamline my business and life?

      SKYLAB is a dedicated technology partner for creators, brands and institutions that saves money, accelerates growth and maximizes company valuation.
      • We put everything into one place: your website, youtube videos, blog, podcast, email, facebook group, training systems, and more. 

      • We enable you to create a direct one-to-one relationship with fans or clients without exposing sensitive contact details.

      • We provide you a full-time tech support team that will help you create new revenue and sponsorship opportunities.

      • We empower you to avoid content fatigue by providing built in systems designed to deepen your users’ engagement and retention, while encouraging user-generated content, discussion and training. This reduces the need to constantly produce new content. 

      4. Can I have my own branding?

      • Our platform has multiple tailored branding options for your needs.

      • You will be listed as the developer in the App Stores


      5. How do I achieve ownership and control?

      • While you lease our platform, we give you full control and ownership of your content and data.

      • We offer you the opportunity to purchase a copy of the source code which can then become a valuable asset on your books.

      6. How does SKYLAB increase my revenue?

      • With your own private platform and virtual campus, you can create JVs and rev-share opportunities with other content providers, brands and influencers.

      • We provide the ability to charge for blogs, lessons and courses.

      • You will have the option of charging for downloads of your app starting at $2.99.

      • You will have the option of charging monthly app subscription fees, starting at $2.99

      • You will be empowered to charge sponsors and advertisers to reach users on your platform in a wide variety of ways; such as digital ads, sponsored actions, badges and more.

      7. How does this increase my valuation?

      • Your brand will have increased revenue opportunities and stand out from the competition.

      • Because you have full ownership of your content and data, as well as the platform it resides in, this increases your valuation 3 – 10x when your company goes public or is acquired.

      • Your platform also reduces dilution of your company value by justifying a larger valuation for investors.

      8. How do we attract advertisers & sponsors?

      Our team uses the power of our extensive network to negotiate sponsors and advertisers for our clients.
      • Built-in ad platform
      • Expansive advertising network
      • Brands and sponsors
      • Source the best in breed, third-party services and integrations such as crypto, merchant processing and brand activation resources.

      9. How do I grow my community?

      • You will migrate users from your social platforms and email list

      • We teach you how to promote from any stage, podcast or media avenue

      • We promote you to our network of 200+ apps.

      10. How do you moderate content and users?

      • Our system allows you to delete any content you wish, plus a user flagging system for self-moderation.
      • We offer the tools to allow you to identify and remove content violations far more easily.
      • We allow you to create your own community standards, or leverage our templates.

      11. How are terms & Privacy policies created?

      • We have pre-compiled versions of both that you can use and modify to get you started quickly.

      • At any point, you can create your own, provided they conform to the core SKYLAB template, and our team will update it for you.

      12. Do you have examples of success stories?

      Absolutely! See some of our clients and their success metrics here.

      13. Where is my app available?

      • Apple App Store
      • Google Play Store
      • Limited mobile web features

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