Featured on AWS Keynote by Amazon CTO

The CTO of AWS, Werner Vogels, used Skylab as an example in his keynote at their summit! He showcased Skylabs power to launch powerful platforms in a 24hr period and how we support VRS (value reinforcement systems). See keynote address clip here.

Pro-bono effort to fight Covid-19 alongside AWS

We launched the social community, Do-Your-Part.com, in response to the worldwide call for specific human actions and behaviors to stop the spread of COVID-19. The social community website and App runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which also donated service credits to...

Notable brand recognition

Then we started getting attention from notable brands across a multitude of verticals, gaining traction with those companies who recognized the value of our unique mechanism to reward users for positive actions in their communities.

Whitepaper funding and development

We started by donating to multiple companies and developing research to back our tech, and the results were astounding. This extensive study produced a series of white papers that documented in detail the various degrees of success each of our beneficiaries enjoyed....

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