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On a platform you own.
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Our average client has 160x greater brand engagement than the top 7 social media sites… and are in the top 26% of all apps ever created

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Skylab enables brands, influencers,
and causes to…

Turn fans & customers into micro-influencers

Build a highly-engaged community. Reward users for sharing your app and tracking their impact.

Recognize what matters… only what gets measured gets improved

Shape and track the behaviors you value most in your community. Meet your mission. 

Enable sponsors to reward meaningful behaviors

Allow local and global brands to offer promo codes, swag, and vip access for the behaviors you value the most.

Leverage today’s most addictive features

Behavior-based Chat

Use tags to send target messages with a 90% open rate vs. the < 5% reach of email.

Multimedia Channels

Enable your tribe to follow your content updates. Notifications will bring them back to your apps.

Habit Tracking 

Shape, track, and reward the value-based behaviors that move the needle in your community.

Social Recognition

People thrive on recognition. Crowdsource it to your whole tribe via a dynamic Recognition Wall.

Gamified Training

Empower users to consume your training content Netflix-style, in the desired order and timeframe.

Leaderboards & Contests

Allow brands to sponsor contests and reward behaviors to increase engagement.

Leap beyond social media

With too much noise and too little reach, social media is starting to fail. Rather than trying to figure out which social platform to use, launch and own your own.

You’re in control

With our unique combination of cloud-based control and native Web, iOS, and Android apps. Make a change on your platform settings, and all 3 apps get immediately updated. No need to re-submit to the app stores.

Beyond gamification

Run your unique VRS (Value Reinforcement System) to get your followers, fans, customers, and members engaged in the actions that make a difference in your tribe… and in the world.

Record-breaking engagement and retention

Backed by science. Proven in multiple industries and demographics.

Trusted by Top Brands Worldwide

Own your platform.

Reward what matters.

Meet your mission

…or join and try our platform

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